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Mi Comunidad is a campus volunteer organization committed to recognizing, 支持, and encouraging Latinx students to continue to succeed at Los Angeles Valley College.

10th Annual Dia de Reconocimiento


Join us for a joyous celebration of achievement and community at Los Angeles’s Valley College 10th Annual El Día de Reconocimiento, a Latinx 毕业 Recognition Ceremony sponsored by Mi Comunidad a campus volunteer organization committed to recognizing, 支持, and encouraging Latinx students to continue to succeed at Los Angeles Valley College!

This special event honors the accomplishments of Latinx students as they prepare to embark on the next chapter of their journey.

Gather with your family and loved ones for an evening filled with music, 美味的食物, and heartfelt conversations. Our program features inspiring guest speakers who will share words of wisdom and encour年龄ment as you reflect on your academic journey.

As a symbol of your hard work and dedication, each student will be presented with a prestigious medal to proudly wear at LAVC's 毕业典礼 Ceremony on June 4th. This ceremony serves as a testament to your perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges.

Come together with fellow graduates and members of the Latinx community to celebrate this significant milestone in your academic career. Let us honor your achievements and celebrate the bright future that lies ahead. Mi comunidad es tu comunidad - our community is your community.

This year's event is on Wednesday, May 15, 2023 from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM in the Student Union Plaza. 

If you graduated in Summer, 2023, Fall 2023 or are a candidate for Spring 2024 you may attend. 

Please follow the steps below to take part in the celebration:

  • Reserve your spot and three guests to participate in El Día de Reconocimiento. Dia De Reconocimiento回复 预订座位  The reservation link will be available until Friday, May 10th or until capacity is reached. Please make your reservation as soon as possible, space is limited.
  • We will confirm your registration and issue your tickets for admission prior to the event electronically.
  • Be prepared to upload a picture of yourself when you make your reservation. Your photo will be included in our slideshow at the event.
  • 照片指南:
  • Face must be clearly visible and facing forward – no profile shots, sunglasses or hats.
  • 照片必须是彩色的 & you must be the only person in the picture.
  • The photo must be a head and shoulders shot.
  • Photo must be a portrait, not landscape.
  • Subject must be facing the camera. Must be a front view image - no profile, so selfies.


We encour年龄 you to wear traditional dress representative of your background.

友情提醒 El Día de Reconocimiento, is a LAVC recognition ceremony. If you’d like to know about LAVC’s 毕业 or other districtwide ceremonies please visit the LAVC启动网页.


Past Dia de Reconocimiento 2022

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